Are you looking to tokenise real world assets?

Raise capital by digitizing your assets in the form of digital tokens

A new way to raise funds by listing assets such as art, luxury watches, jewellery, whiskey or even shares in an entire business

How Do Digital Assets Benefit You?

Digital assets allow you to efficiently raise large
amounts of capital in a short time frame. This is
because barriers to transact are removed through the
automation that comes with digitizing assets, thereby
increasing liquidity and enabling you to get better

Other benefits of decentralization include:

  • Increased efficiency and transparency
  • Fast, secure and cheaper settlement
  • All the data about the transaction is kept on our platforming, helping to inform future capital raises

An infinite world of opportunity

For Issuers At ITE we will provide the legal framework, post your new token on the bulletin board, custody your token and introduce liquidity.

For Investors: At ITE we act as a one stop shop where you can register, buy tokens and custody is taken care of on your behalf. Of course you can also choose to move your token to your own wallet using services such as Metmask

Introducing the world's leading digital assets exchange

A blockchain powered market place which connects buyers and seller and registers transactions in the distributed ledger.