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Thousands of investors are moving towards fantastic new opportunities in digital assets

Participate in private markets that could previously only be accessed by professional investors and institutions

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Register your free account, a streamlined registration process

2. Provide KYC (know your customer) information

Pass KYC, provide your ID and key documents in quick and easy steps

3. Open a free digital wallet

Open a free digital wallet, you can safely store your tokens in your ITE wallet, or alternatively you are always free to move them to a wallet of your choosing

4. Discover the projects and choose your investments

Discover new opportunities and choose your investments, a range of real world assets is now available to you

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Primary Market

The primary market is where issuers first approach the market with their investment opportunities


Buy and sell tokens from other investors, this is called the “secondary market"

How to hold your investments in digital token wallets

Digital wallets are extremely secure as they can only be accessed by holders of a unique key. We can supply you with a digital wallet, or you can use your one from another party. Transferring between wallets is simple, fast and secure.