30 Whiskey Casks Distilled at Bunnahabhain


The Offer: Ballygrant Whiskey

30 Whisky Casks (5000 litres). Filled with spirit distilled from The Bunnahabhain distillery (Trade Name: Ballygrant).

The whisky cask market is seeing annual returns of 20% (free of capital gains tax), an excellent way to protect against inflation. Our solution investment avoids the challenges for investors of storing and managing large inventories themselves. 

There are many Whisky Cask investment companies on the market, but most impose conditions of sales and involve complicated ownership paperwork. Thousands of individuals have lost their investments over the years, as there is very little infrastructure to track and safely account for these assets. 

We are offering a secure and transparent alternative by allowing investors to purchase tokens that represent shares in some of Scotland’s finest whisky casks. The token gives you all the same ownership rights, but without the complex documentation as the tokens are created (automatically). They are 100% secure and you can easily sell your token to another investor at the click of a button. Our online platform provides a place to securely store your tokens in either our own digital wallets, or an alternative digital wallet of your choosing. In either case, it is impossible for them to be lost as we are able to cancel and re-issue new tokens to (for example, in the event someone obtained your log-in details and transferred the tokens elsewhere). 

The casks we are offering are from Bunnahabhain (pronounced “Bunn-na-ha-venn”). They sell an unpeated whiskey branded Ballygrant.

Why Bunnahabhain:

There are very few Bunnahabhain casks available on the market, so the supply is extremely constrained. When new casks are offered, they are often completely sold out in minutes.  Bunnahabhain casks are trading 20% to 30% higher than generally available cask brands at an average age of 50 to 10 years old. The opportunity to own a piece of one is therefore a unique opportunity with the potential for high returns.

The Casks:
– Date Casks Filled: Feb/March 2022
– Cask type: Barrels
– Bulk Litres: 5440
– ABV: 64%
– OLA: 5440

The Scottish Whiskey Market:

In 2021, scotch whisky exports were worth £4.5bn and accounted for 75% of all Scottish food and drink exports, 22% of all UK food and drink exports, and 1.4% of all UK goods exports. The industry provides £5.5bn in gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy. More than 11,000 people are directly employed in the Scotch Whisky industry in Scotland and over 42,000 jobs across the UK are supported by the industry. 7,000 of these jobs in rural areas of Scotland providing vital employment and investment to communities across the Highlands and Islands. 44 bottles (70cl @40% ABV) of Scotch Whisky are shipped from Scotland to around 180 markets around the world each second, totalling over 1.3bn every year. Laid end to end those bottles would stretch about 377,000kms – that’s 98% of the distance to the moon! Around 90% of barley requirements of the industry are sourced in Scotland.

In 2019, there were 2.2 million visits to Scotch Whisky distilleries, making the industry the third most popular tourist attraction in Scotland. Some 22 million casks lie maturing in warehouses in Scotland waiting to be discovered – that is around 12bn 70cl bottles. To be called Scotch Whisky, the spirit must mature in oak casks in Scotland for at least 3 years. There are currently 138 operating Scotch Whisky distilleries across Scotland

The History of Ballygrant:

Ballygrant is the name of the closest town to Bunnahabhain. When choosing a secondary brand name to sell casks distilleries choose names of local villages or closed-down distilleries. Ballygrant distillery stood briefly on the road from Bridgend to Port Askaig, at a farm near the Ballygrant Burn. Some sources state that Ballygrant was the same as Lossit/Lossett distillery, but that was located on a different farm. Despite its short history, it retains the title of being the nearest licensed distillery to the legendary seat of the onetime Lord of the Isles at Finlaggan. The distillery was open only fleetingly in 1821, operated by D. McNicoll and Co

Source (SWA): All figures relate to Jan-Dec 2021 unless stated