The International Token Exchange

The International Token Exchange Brokerage was set up by a group of experienced financial services professionals and will be  registered with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission for AML purposes.

With the growth of assets being tokenised across the world they realised that investors would need a trusted exchange where these investments could be listed, bought and sold.

This would encourage financial inclusion, streamline processes and procedures and utilise blockchain technology for transparency and auditability as well as creating innovative products.

We are redefining global ownership and investment possibilities by making alternative asset classes available to all investors, opening the door to investment opportunities that most investors would not have access to

The International Token Exchange is looking to democratise ownership through investment, opening up ownership of high value and or rare to find assets and revenue streams to investors that would normally be precluded from such investment opportunities.

Benefits of Tokenization


Through so called "smart contracts", numerous intermediate steps, such as compliance, document verification, trading, opening an escrow account but also dividend payments, can be carried out automatically via the blockchain.

Fractional ownership

Tokenization allows a broader group of investors to invest directly in real estate.


The transformation of illiquid real estate investments into “tokens” means that a direct investment in a property is vested with the character of an indirect investment. Issuers can, as a result, secure a higher liquidity.

Lower transaction costs

“Tokens” enable transactions, that are more cost effective. An increase in efficiency regarding the transaction execution is observable due to a faster processing.


Transparency is the central feature of the blockchain technology and contributes to the increase in attractiveness of tokenization as an investment opportunity. After completing a transaction on the blockchain, it can no longer be changed and can be verified through the network. Thus, the completed transaction.