investment in physical assets

Asset backed digital tokens that represent a stake in real world assets

Current investment opportunities

Ballygrant – Casks filled with spirit distilled by Bunnahabhain

The whisky cask market is seeing annual returns of 20% (free of capital gains tax), an excellent way to protect against inflation. Our solution investment avoids the challenges for investors of storing and managing large inventories themselves. We are offering a secure and transparent digital token that represent shares in some of Scotland’s finest whisky casks.

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The Benefits of Tokenisation and Digital Shares


Through so-called "smart contracts", numerous intermediate steps, such as compliance, document verification, trading, opening an escrow account but also dividend payments, can be carried out automatically via the blockchain.

Fractional ownership

Tokenization allows a broader group of investors to invest directly in real estate.


The transformation of illiquid real estate investments into “tokens” means that a direct investment in a property is vested with the character of an indirect investment. Issuers can, as a result, secure a higher liquidity


Transparency is the central feature of the blockchain technology and contributes to the increase in attractiveness of tokenization as an investment opportunity. After completing a transaction on the blockchain, it can no longer be changed and can be verified through the network. Thus, the completed transaction

Why You Should Choose ITE

Safe and Secure

All of the rights and ownership documentation you would receive in a traditional transaction is transferred to you at the point of purchase. The tokens themselves are kept securely in the digital wallet we provide, or you are free to transfer them to an external wallet of your choice at any time

Efficient and fast Settlement

One of the major benefits of tokenized securities is that they provide a more efficient exchange and settlement solution by using digital and programmatic processes


In blockchain, decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity (individual, organization, or group thereof) to a distributed network. Decentralized networks strive to reduce the need for participants to place trust in a small number of players, thereby democratising transactions


Transactions can take place in realtime, 24 hours a day